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April 15 2015

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remember ma’pace | do not edit.



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I can’t stop laughing at this

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What a glow up looks like !

damn ‘‘they growed up’‘ - R.kelly

Ohhhh shiiittt i didnt even realize!!

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So Natural Organic Restaurant & Market
Alright guys this is my parents restaurant. It’s a all natural/organic, black owned, and veteran owned restaurant in Harker Heights, Texas. So if y'all are in the Central Texas or just visiting Texas be sure to check us out! We cater to gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and paleo diets. If you have celiac disease you can feel comfortable enough to eat in our restaurant we have a strict cleaning protocol when a customer comes in and tells us they have celiac. Just some of the things we offer gluten free is our mac and cheese, cornbread muffins, pizza and any of our sandwiches you can get on gluten free bread! We make everything from scratch with the exception of our hamburger buns, rice tortillas, and gluten free tortillas. All of our salad dressing are vegan, and the base of most of our dressing is our homemade vegan mayo. We also provide juices and smoothies! Our smoothies have coconut sugar(which is low on the glycemic index) if you’re diabetic you can drink our smoothies and not worry about your blood sugar fluctuating. We try our best to accommodate everyone we can. With that being said we have vegan, gluten free, and paleo desserts! Picture #5 is our gluten free/vegan/paleo pecan pie! Picture #8 is our lemon vegan cheesecake!(best seller) We also try to support local as much as possible any beef you eat here is from our farmer out in Belton Dr.Baker. Our kombucha is straight out of Austin. Our honey is from Rogers which is great with people who has allergies! Take a teaspoon of local honey a day and it keeps the allergies away! My parents are also making history(especially my mom)! We are the first allnatural/organic in the area! Picture #1 is a screen shot of the website theculturetrips.com we were voted 10 of the best restaurants in bell county with only a year and half in business! Picture #2 is my parents at a local new station advertising the restaurant and some delicious food! Picture #3 is our chicken ceasar salad!(homemade gluten free croutons, organic chicken) Picture #4 and 5 is my mom the first black/Muslim women on the cover of Tex Appeal! Ok guys two more things we offer juice detoxes, and get fit meals, which are pre portioned and pre packaged meals! We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. In closing if you guys have any questions about anything feel free to message me! Call the restaurant or just come and pay us a visit! Our number is 254-245-8571 and our address is 706 G Edwards Drive Harker Heights, Texas.

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and then she not even BBW….

Lawdddd child 😷😵

NOT B. B. NOR  W… 

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this has a shamefully low number of notes

These children don’t know nothin’ about da dip.

I put my hand up on yo hip!!

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Complete the following: Your _____ will not save you.


A. Silence
B. Ignorance
C. Apathy
D. Trauma
E. Traditions
F. All of the above

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Translation: you got your darkie. You aint getting another anytime soon.


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Which presidential candidate is gonna stop Black people from being killed in cold blood by cops?

Cops don’t just fucking kill people. Cops do their job regardless of racial factors. Maybe there is a select amount of cops who are racist and those cops have gotten jail time for killing the innocent. Don’t tell me that the entire juries that find the cop as the true victim are racist too. So unless you want speeders on the road, and houses being broken in to, shut the fuck up and stop generalizing because the world would be fucked if cops didn’t exist. I respect your opinion, but not all cops are racist cold blooded killers, they’re here to do their job and make the world livable and safe.

Shut the entire fuck up. The world is fucked up BECAUSE cops exist. An unarmed Black person gets killed every fucking 28 hours and you’re talking about cops don’t “just kill people.” Go play in traffic, bitch.

Come back when you realize that no cops= more violence. Who are you going to call when someone breaks into your house? Who are you going to call when someone is threatening you? It’s funny how you believe all cops are bad. Your mentality is wrong. I couldn’t imagine how many more murders, crimes, there would be if cops didn’t exist.

Kevin Davis called the cops after his girlfriend was stabbed and they shot him dead, so.

So then who will you call when a crime happens? Enlighten me

You don’t understand that the fact that you have to ask that is shitty? That the fact that Black people are literally terrified of calling the cops because WE might be killed is indicative of a HUGE problem with the system? You’re that fucking stupid? 

328 people have been killed this year by police. It’s been 3 months and 328 people have been killed this year by police. It’s no longer every 28 hours, it’s every 8 hours. 3 people are killed every day by police.

No, police do not have the most dangerous job, that is not an excuse. Miners, roofers, farmers, construction workers, fishers, truckers, loggers, electricians, garbage collectors, pilots, and so many more occupations are far more dangerous than being a police officer. Police officers actually ranked at more than 40th place for most dangerous occupation, while all the ones I listed are in the top ten.

Violent crime has been dropping since the 70s, so it can’t argued that our world is more violent than ever because it isn’t. People have been steadily becoming less so, but police have been getting more violent and quick to kill with each passing year. In 2013, 768 people were killed by police, and in 2014, 1100 were killed by police. It’s been just over 3 months, and at this rate, the number’ll be closer to 1200 or 1300. I don’t need to tell you that’s a lot of dead people.

If you can’t take down an unarmed 9-year-old kid or 80-year-old man without resorting to shooting them when our nurses are trained to restrain soldiers in their physical primes without the use of tools, then what does that say about the usefulness of cops?

As for speed limits, they weren’t made to make us safer because speeding is dangerous, the National Speed Limit Law was instated to lower gas consumption back in 1974 because the year before, the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries placed an embargo on the United States during the Arab-Israeli War. And even if speed limits were placed to make us safer, they don’t actually make any difference in terms of safety. I’m serious, they really don’t.

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My Faves + Animated Characters

what was janelle in?!!

^^^^^Someone answer this!!!!

She was in Rio, Rio2 and Alpha and Omega
12yearsaking mufasaaabitch
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She is a role model for us all. 😳

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